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Chapter XI: Promoting Marketing and Selling Your Kindle Book The Description of The Kindle Book

There are over 1100 new books which hit Kindle each day. For this reason when it becomes time to enter the description of the book you absolutely must utilize all of the resources you have. There are 4000 characters there they should all be utilized. The text must be fresh, engaging, unique and appealing to the eyes when it is first glanced at by the reader.

Also you should make certain to check out the other descriptions of books which are similar to yours in the catalogue and look at the implementation and ways they have crafted their descriptions. Firstly as you are thinking about this make certain that you are looking at award winning books in the same category.

Research the other books on the market which are competitors with yours. For example, look at the way that they used the description on Amazon and determine the best elements. After this write a list of those best elements and also of the areas of improvement. When writing your own please make certain to avoid the foibles in the description, but make certain to incorporate the winning elements.

Steps to an Amazing Description:

1. Research Other Books in the Same Category.

2. Find Award Winning Books.

3. Download the Full Description for the best book.

4. Rewrite it.

5. Write Your Description.

6. Put it Away, and then Complete Final Rewrite. Your Selling Niche

Who are you targeting and selling to in marketing and planning the book? What other books which were written in the same or in a similar field are out there and how much cross over is there between your book and theirs? Who makes up the audience of those books and who are those authors targeting?

Make certain that you know who your audience is before you begin to write your description, words specifically targeted to that age group will enhance the connection that the reader has to the style of the author. Also what other books do you have that you might want to showcase in the last two paragraphs of the back of the book. Do you have 5 other books out there that are similar in subject matter to the one you are publishing? If that is the case utilize the second portion of the description to let your readers know.

When planning your books what expertise do you have in your professional life that can be added to the description to add to the validity and credibility of your pitch? Do you offer a consulting business in a particular field, let the readers know that. At the end of the book add an area for consultation contact information. And remember that one thing that a reader wants more than anything is to be able to reach out to their authors and be a part of the discussion. List your website and consultation links.

Writing a Non Fiction Description for your Book

Want a great description? Answer these Questions

· Do you have immediate connection with the reader?

· Does it make an emotional connection?

· What is the reader’s solution from all of this?

· What problems are being solved by the book?

· Does the reader know the exact benefits of the book?

· Testimonials Listed?

· Are all the details taken care of to grab all attention possible?

Writing an Amazing Fiction Description

Fiction must be more engaging and powerful in its wording than nonfiction. Instead of selling the reader on solving a problem you are getting them to buy into the fact that they must know your story.

If you are writing a horror novel use descriptive words for fear, if it is suspense use action packed adjectives, and if it is erotica stick with words like steamy. What are some awesome examples? Here is a fun and intriguing list.

· Breath Taking

· Exciting

· Chilling

· Blood Lust

· Lusty

· Intoxicating

· Gorgeous

· Awesome

· Savage

· Fantastic

· Awesome

· Magnificent

· Arty

· Nouveaux

· Accelerated

· Suspenseful

· Frightening

· Terrifying

· Exhibitionism

· Heady

· Eccentric

· Eclectic

· Fun

· Uplifting

· Inspirational

· Randy

· Awe Inspiring

· Ambitious

· Lofty

· Uncommon

Strap Line Power and Potential Log Line Power

When you open a book you should know in 30 seconds if you want to read it. When you open a script you will know by reading the first three lines if you would pay bucks to see it on the screen. A strap line is no exception. This is the opening line of your book and your description. It is the foundation of all of the content which is to come and you must sell your reader on their willingness to buy into that book as soon as they read the first few lines. Amazing lines such as Charles Dickens:

“It was the best of times; it was the worst of times.”

In the readers mind this immediately creates a dichotomy which confuses, engages, and makes the reader need to know more from the author. How can it be both the best and the worst at the same time? This kind of amazing strapline will get the reader excited.

If you are thinking long term about taking this to the screen your strapline may become your logline. A logline is a statement that describes the entire plot in one sentence. If you do not become a wonderful wordsmith now it will be very hard to get the long term attention of a director.

Bring Those Characters To Life

Here in the description you must bring the character to life right away and it must be done in a way to invest the reader in the story and future of the character. Who is your character? What difficult situation do they find themselves in? What is the struggle here? All of this should be written out here clearly.

Leave Them Hanging…

Leave the reader looking at the end of the description asking, what the heck is happening here? They should be wondering what can happen next and what they can do to move forward and find out more information. They should have a hunger and curiosity to know what the next challenge will be and the next scenario.

How do you Promote Your Ebook?

Here is a list of places where authors can promote their work for free:

YouTube: Create personal videos about the content of your book and tell the story of how it became a book.

Facebook: Start an author page for yourself, and then start a page for your book.

Authr.com: Set up a personal author page and tell others about your work.

Wordpress.com: Start a blog and share inspirations daily with your readers.

Absolutewrite.com: Communicate with other authors and advertise for free, use your own page as well as a profile.

Bookdaily.com: They have a mailing list of over 500,000 people.

Addicted to eBooks: This site allows the author to share the context of the book with the readers and share their history with the readers.

AskDavid: They have a unique marketing platform that you can utilize in the promotion of your book.

Author Marketing Club: They allow you to fill out informational forms with the implementation of widgets. Fill out one form and see your book promoted for free on multiple sites.

Bargain eBook Hunter: Offers a free form to be downloaded for promotion on Amazon and other like websites, the cover of the book is advertised along with a snippet of the content.

Books on The Knob: This site places advertising snippets on ipads, kobos, kindles and other mobile devices.

Digital Book Today: Includes both free and paid options for writers looking to share their work.

eBooks Habit: Every day they highlight 20–30 free books and then also 20–50 that are low priced, they change every day for users.

eReader News Today: Features cheap Kindle books and free Kindle books.

eReader Perks: The site is for reading, ereader devices and all things reading plus tech related. Here you will find free books for Kindle. You can also promote your book as they offer reviews and author interviews.

Flurries of Words: There are many different options here. There are paid and free advertising options for digital books as long as the books are between.99 cents and 4.99 in price. This also offers great options for writers on a shoestring budget.

FreeBooksy: Here you can submit your ebook for review so that they will consider posting it as a featured book. Also there is only one simple form to fill out in order to submit.

Frugal Reader: The website offers a freebie section where authors books which are submitted are featured as a link. The only catch with this site is that the content cannot be strictly erotica. It may contain erotica but must not be that strictly.

Free Kindle Books & Tips: There requirements are that if you are an author and would like to have your book promoted (for free) then you have to fill out and submit a form. In addition, your book must be free in the Amazon Kindle Store and must have an average user rating of at least 4 out of 5 stars for consideration.

Free eBooks Daily: Will list your free ebook. Notify them when you decide to utilize your Kindle Select Program “free” days.

Free Erotica: If you have an erotica book and you have it available for free through the Kindle Select Program notify this site and they will list your book on their site.

GalleyCat Facebook Page: This site allows you to post your book in their “New Books section”.

Goodkindles: This site allows you to promote your book to its users.

Indie Books List: This particular site has many options for promoting your Kindle book.

Kindle Daily Deal: A site designed by authors for authors to assist in the promotion of work. There are over 13000 subscribers to the site who get continual information and updates on your book.

Meet Our Authors Forum: A place on Amazon where writers discuss their work, network with one another and have their own pages.

Pixel of Ink: This allows the author to list their Kindle book if it is available as a free download.

Spicy Romance: This site allows the writer to fill out a description of their book and upload a cover image for free.

Cheap Promotion Deals:

Facebook advertisements, these are very effective and as you get to set the budget on your ads on a daily basis they are very effective. As an example from personal experience I was able to gain 702 likes on a daily budget of 5.00 for 3 months. This kind of exposure is very helpful and also has people talking about it.

If you have a pen name make certain that your pen name has a Facebook page as well as a blog for others to follow, this way they are able to keep in touch.

LinkedIn is also another cheap resource for advertising that is able to get your work into the hands of those who might have never heard of you otherwise. LinkedIn has 50 million users and a large following as well. Ads there like Facebook are specifically targeted to fields, interests and groups.

Google is another wonderful alternative for cheap marketing as they will allow you like Facebook to choose your daily or monthly budget and design a custom campaign. And with Google ads you will also be assigned a specialist who will be able to assist with the design and implementation of your campaign.

Small local newspapers, these are a great resource as they allow an author to take out a small ad, typically starting at around $50 and going up to around $500 for full page ads. People in a geographic area love to celebrate their local resources. For this reason there is a wonderful excitement around when a new author in an area is launched and is actively doing things like holding discussions, meetings, and sharing themselves with their neighbors.

Hopefully now you have some better ideas of how to get your ideas out there and share them with the world. Surely you will be on the Kindle’s Best Seller list very soon with all of this new knowledge, amazing talent, and unbridled ambition.

In addition, if you really want to put your Kindle book marketing, promotion and selling on steroids and make even more money I have book entitled How To Promote Market And Sell Your Kindle Book: Amazon Kindle Publishing Marketing and Promotion Guide that will show you step by step how to exactly accomplish that goal. It is available in print, audio and Kindle book format.

This amazing book is the only cutting edge book on the subject of Kindle book marketing, promotion and selling that teaches you:

· How To Understand And Master The Amazon Kindle Book Ecosystem.

· How To “Scale” Your Kindle Book So That You Can Make A Lot More Sales and Money.

· How To Effectively Use The Internet and Social Media To Promote Your Kindle Book And Brand Yourself As An Author.

You will also learn how to effectively use marketing tactics and strategies outside of the Amazon Kindle Book Ecosystem like:

· Social Media

· Virtual Book Tours

· Press Releases

· Blogging and Guest Blogging

· Internet Radio and Podcast Shows

In addition, the following jealously guarded secrets will be revealed to you:

· How to get your Kindle book to rank on the first page of Google and Amazon.

· How to sell more books by using the secret strategy of “scaling”.

· How to sell the translation and foreign rights to your Kindle book.

· The secret strategy to choosing categories.

· How to get “trusted” reviews for your Kindle book.

· How to write a killer description for fiction and non-fiction Kindle books.

· How to make your description stand out with bold letters, italics, bulleted points and Amazon orange.

· How to effectively price your Kindle book.

A Ton of Resources Are Also Included:

· 100 fiction book review blogs

· Press release submissions sites

· Virtual book tour companies

· Companies that produce stunning book trailers

· Book trailer submission sites

· Popular forums

· Radio and Podcast shows

· Sites to Notify for KDP Select Free Days

And Much Much more……

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