Книга: The Fine Art of Writing the Next Best Seller on Kindle
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Amazon and its tiny little gadget the Kindle has totally galvanized and revolutionized the entire publishing industry. No longer do authors have to be at the mercy of the big publishing houses like Simon and Schuster, Random House, Harper Collins etc. to get their books out to the masses. The Kindle and Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing program a platform that enables authors to self publish their books and make them available to a worldwide audience has totally disrupted an entire industry that needed to be disrupted like the music industry was when Apple introduced the IPod and the ITunes music store.

Traditionally, the only way to publish and get a book into the bookstores was to seek out a well connected literary agent who for a 10 %-15 % cut of the proceeds would shop a book around to the aforementioned publishers with the hopes of landing a book deal. For most authors flat-out rejection was normally the end result of this process. Those who weren’t fortunate enough to be selected by the big name publishers were left out in the cold and their dreams of publishing and sharing their book with the world quickly became a distant faded fantasy.

Then Amazon came along and changed the game. Authors were now able to publish their books in an e-book format and have it distributed digitally throughout the world. Of course e-books have been around even before Amazon decided to get into the e-book market. However, never before have e-books had access to a platform like Amazon with a customer base of 300 million buyers who have their credit cards on file and are ready to instantly make a purchase with one click of the mouse.

The opportunities are tremendous for you as an author and Amazon doesn’t mind sharing with you a big chunk of the pie. Never in the history of publishing until now have authors had a chance to get paid a 70 % royalty rate for every book that they sell while maintaining full ownership of their published work.

The bottom line is, Amazon has set the stage for you as an author to make a boatload of cash by publishing your book on the Kindle and the only thing that you have to do is know how to effectively write a book that will catapult you to Kindle book stardom.

So how do you exactly write a book like that? What are the secrets? This is what this book in detail will show you, The Fine Art of Writing the Next Best Seller on Kindle. So without further ado let’s dive in. Shall we?

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